Iteration 7

Brew Day My last few brew days have had to be squeezed in to otherwise unaccommodating timeslots to make them happen at all; this brew day was no exception. If nothing else, I’ve become the king of multitasking. Tired, but determined to brew, I set my alarm to go off early that Saturday morning (which … Continue reading Iteration 7


Iteration 4

Brew Day Take a step back. Regroup. Try again. After the outcome of Iteration 3, that’s exactly what I had to do. That’s what this brew day was about. I knew it was likely to happen eventually in this process. If I kept every change I made to this recipe, instead of implying that they … Continue reading Iteration 4

From Concept to Competition

I’m Going to Brew the Same Beer for a Year There it is. That’s my plan. I’m going to take one recipe and tweak it over the course of a year. “But why? Won’t you get tired of drinking the same beer for a whole year?” you’re probably asking, as I already asked myself. The … Continue reading From Concept to Competition