Tasting Iterations 6 & 8

Recently, I’ve ended up comparing beers of varying OG and ABV due to overshooting my gravity with Iteration 7 and the changes made after Iteration 5 to help ensure consistency. However, versions 6 and 8 of this red IPA recipe are identical in grain bill, OG, and FG. This is one of the truer comparisons … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 6 & 8


Tasting Iterations 5 & 7

Going into this tasting, I wondered how much of a difference there would be outside of the hop character of these red IPAs. Aside from the age of Iteration 5, I knew that the only difference in the grain bill was 3 oz. of C120. Certainly these beers would be more similar than the beers … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 5 & 7

Tasting Iterations 1 & 2

Memory is flawed. It’s science. We simply don’t have as accurate of a memory as we’d like to believe. Without going too Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we misremember things all the time due to our perceptions, idealizations, and, quite frankly, desires for something other than what actually occurred to be true. Because of … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 1 & 2