Tasting Iterations 7 & 8

The difference between Iterations 7 and 8 of this red IPA recipe were meant to be differences in hops alone. However, I did make the mistake of not reviewing my notes prior to brewing Iteration 7 and ended up with less pre-boil volume gathered than intended. This resulted in overshooting my OG. I did not … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 7 & 8


Tasting Iterations 6 & 8

Recently, I’ve ended up comparing beers of varying OG and ABV due to overshooting my gravity with Iteration 7 and the changes made after Iteration 5 to help ensure consistency. However, versions 6 and 8 of this red IPA recipe are identical in grain bill, OG, and FG. This is one of the truer comparisons … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 6 & 8

Tasting Iterations 5 & 8

Despite almost exactly the same grain bill, Iterations 5 and 8 of this red IPA recipe have a 10-point difference in OG and, subsequently, a 1% difference in ABV. By way of explanation, in the first several versions of this recipe, I had an issue with wildly varying efficiency. Iteration 5 was the brew day … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 5 & 8