Iteration 6

Brew Day Another Friday evening brew. I had bought my grains and hops a few days before and began preparing my setup on Thursday night so that all I had to do when I got home the next day was light the propane under my strike water to get going. But as seems to be … Continue reading Iteration 6


Iteration 5

Brew Day My first brew night. I’m usually a Saturday morning/afternoon brewer, but I decided to take advantage of a Friday evening my wife would be spending with her friends. The night before, I cleared a space in the garage, cleaned all my equipment, prepared a batch of Starsan in my carboy, gathered water and … Continue reading Iteration 5

Tasting Iterations 1, 2, & 4: A Confessional

I’ll admit it. I have a problem. I’m finally being forced to come to terms with this issue because the consequences of it have started to impact a portion of this project. Truly, it’s nothing I’ve ever noticed before, because my beer doesn’t usually stick around long enough for me to have had the opportunity … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 1, 2, & 4: A Confessional