Stout: Tasting Iterations 6 & 7

Taster: C. McKenzie While each side-by-side tasting for these stouts in this series has had the opinion of two tasters, the comparison between Iteration 6 and Iteration 7 will only have one vantage point. Along with the brewer, I’ve been the second taster for all comparison tastings in this series, but since Iteration 7 was … Continue reading Stout: Tasting Iterations 6 & 7


Stout: Iteration 7

Author: C. McKenzie Brew Day I’ve tasted each version of this stout from the beginning and although each has only had one change made to it, each change has resulted in a surprisingly different beer. Although I’ve gotten to taste each version and have been talking with each brewer during their process, I was excited … Continue reading Stout: Iteration 7