Stout: Tasting Iterations 4 & 5

Taster: R. Goyenko Iteration 4: Aroma: Strong dark fruit aroma from malt – raisins, figs, dried plums. Strong and pleasant dark malt aroma with chocolate, toffee and some coffee flavor. No hops aroma, or it’s hiding behind stronger malt. Appearance: Dark brown, looks reddish if you put it to the light, moderate head of cream/tan … Continue reading Stout: Tasting Iterations 4 & 5


Stout: Iteration 5

Author: R. Goyenko Brew Day This brewday was a bit different since the deadline to brew was on April 1, and I had a vacation a week before that. We tried to arrange for the beer to get there before the vacation so I could brew before I left. It almost happened through the collective … Continue reading Stout: Iteration 5