Iteration 8

Brew Day Some days everything goes right. After my last debacle with overshooting my OG (even after taking steps to avoid my OG fluctuating between batches with the same grist), to say I was getting tired of inconsistency would be a gross understatement. Having taken all other precautions to ensure consistency between batches of this … Continue reading Iteration 8


Iteration 7

Brew Day My last few brew days have had to be squeezed in to otherwise unaccommodating timeslots to make them happen at all; this brew day was no exception. If nothing else, I’ve become the king of multitasking. Tired, but determined to brew, I set my alarm to go off early that Saturday morning (which … Continue reading Iteration 7

From Concept to Competition

I’m Going to Brew the Same Beer for a Year There it is. That’s my plan. I’m going to take one recipe and tweak it over the course of a year. “But why? Won’t you get tired of drinking the same beer for a whole year?” you’re probably asking, as I already asked myself. The … Continue reading From Concept to Competition