Brew U only has one professor, and that is not me. I’m a student of experience, and that means I get to make big mistakes and remember them each time I open a bottle of mediocre beer. It means I get to have great successes by trying new things, and hopefully I can pinpoint what made that batch so great. Brew U is not a hub of brewing information, nor is it meant to be. Brew U is the documentation of a learning experience.

My goal last year was to get one recipe (a Red IPA) exactly where I wanted it to be, so I only brewed that beer for the whole year. Everything that went into creating this recipe, changing it, and tweaking it is included here. I’ve written down my recipes, my reasoning, and my impressions, and I even took this beer to competition and shared the results.

This year, the goal is less inward focused and more about what we can learn from one another as brewers. Each brewer has a unique style, approach, and reasoning for what they do, and that’s worth digging into. This collaborative effort will be somewhat like a game of telephone, only with a better beer at the end instead of a muddled message. Each brewer who touches this stout recipe will change the one aspect they think will most improve the beer and give their reasoning for changing that piece of the puzzle. There’s so much we can learn from one another, and I want this to serve as a platform for that.