Iteration 10 & Competition Results

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One thought on “Iteration 10 & Competition Results

  1. It’s been interesting to watch this project over the last year, so thanks for doing this and making it public. Sorry you didn’t get the results you wanted in competition, but I’m inclined to say it doesn’t matter: if the beer pleases your palate more than when you started, competition results are irrelevant. Unless you’re shipping a majority of your brew to competitions, you’re the only one who gets a vote.

    One issue I notice is that, based on the descriptors, a Red IPA needs to somehow be both malt and hop forward and contain fruit flavors that could easily clash (dark fruit vs citrus, etc). That’s nearly impossible to do well because the balance has such a small margin of error. I’d bet your iteration process would work more quickly and successfully on a style that doesn’t need to walk such a delicate line.


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