Tasting Iterations 2 & 3

Taster: B. Crochet Iteration 2, when poured, had very little carbonation. The head was barely there and dissipated quickly. Iteration 3 had a more robust head, with some good lacing on the glass as it receded to a small, but present, head. Iteration 2’s head color was tan, while Iteration 3 had more of a … Continue reading Tasting Iterations 2 & 3


Stout: Iteration 3

Author: B. Crochet Brew Day My setup is a typical 3-vessel rig. I have an HLT, a 10 gallon cooler MLT, and a 20 gallon boil kettle. For this brew, I brought my strike water to 168°F and then transferred 4 gallons of water to the mash tun (which had been preheated with boiling water). … Continue reading Stout: Iteration 3